The Photographer

Welcome to my website! My name is Jaemi Suh and I’m currently based out of Irvine, CA.  I have been doing wedding photography since 2009 and have realized this is where my passion lies. I love capturing the timeless memories, the unexpected shots, and the beauties of people’s emotions. Instead of boring you, I’ll give you a quick summary of myself:

I am: a big sports fan (Football, Basketball, Baseball and MMA), a snowboarder, a tech junkie, artist, photographer, and a big dreamer.

I love: my family, friends, traveling, taking pictures, being active, playing sports, and meeting new people.

Thank you for visiting and follow on me on my blog and twitter as I continue this amazing journey.

  • Rhonda said:

    Could you tell me. My husband and I are looking for a gift for our daughter who just graduated from the Art Institute and we are interested in buying her a camera. Without asking her, to blow the surprise, we've been speaking to other photographers. Could you give us any advice or tips in searching for a camera to buy her? What camera are you using? etc...
    Thank you so much~ Your photos are amazing! My daughter lives in NYC so I would be happy to refer you to family and friends since your in CA.
    Thanks again~

  • Joseph Chin said:

    Hey Jaemi!

    I stumbled on your site from Yelp. I was just exploring your site and your work is rather amazing.

    The reason I contacted you is because I also wanted to be able to create such magic with light. Although my interest was sparked only very recently, I've been reading a ton of books and researching lighting, particularly as it pertains to wedding photography.

    So far I have read through Scott Kelby's volumes, On-Camera Flash Techniques, Picture Perfect Practice, and 4 other books. However, nearly all of my knowledge is in my head and not really experienced. I've only been able to experiment with my Canon T3, a 50mm 1.4, and 430ex, though I have an umbrella/stand/etc. coming in the mail.

    I really am very enthusiastic about learning photography and I tend to learn new skills very quickly. I was wondering if I could learn under you and help you as your assistant/intern and make your job easier. I don't expect compensation, only to learn.

    I also know how to work with Adobe Lightroom 4. Thanks for your consideration!