Akio Takase – Beautiful child of Vannie and Ken.

The day after James and Jamie’s engagement dinner, I drove out to Willow Creek, CA to take photos of Akio Takase.  I met Vannie and Ken back in August at Sharol’s wedding. I saw her pictures of her baby on facebook and asked if it would be okay to take pictures of her beautiful son, Akio. Luckily she agreed and I had the honor of taking pictures of Akio. This was my first time taking baby photos and I was super excited to shoot the pictures. We found an area around her home where the light was just perfect. Akio was being such a good baby, joyfully laughing and even posing for the camera at times. Thanks Vannie and Ken! Hope to see you soon Akio!

  • kelly marie said:

    These are SO CUTE! My favorite are the two yawning photos :)