Luna | Baby Session | Los Angeles, CA

Say Hi to Luna!! She’s the beautiful baby of Wonder and Amanda out in Los Angeles.  A friend of mine had asked if I was willing to take some baby photos for a friend of hers. I was more than happy when she asked and went out to meet Luna. It wasn’t hard for me to take pictures of this gorgeous baby. She was a great model all day, giving me one pose after another all day long. She has a signature pose when she sleeps, she raises her hand and lays her hand on top of her hand (see photo below). We had a great time trying to catch her attention, having Sharol be my assistant throughout the shoot and trying on new outfits for Luna.

Luna has one of the most beautiful eyes ever. And her smile, there is no way you can not fall in love with that smile. After a great photo shoot, we all went out to eat Boiling Crab. If you haven’t been there, check it out!!

  • eddie said:

    good stuff jaemi... as always.

  • Sharol said:

    You did such an amazing job!!!!

    They look gorgeous!! She looks beautiful and thank you so much for doing this!! You are too talented to keep quiet about. :)

  • Wonder said:

    Amazing Brotha! Thanks again!!