Getting Connected – WPPI and DWF

The last couple of weeks I have been engaging in trying to learn more about photography and I have found some great resources on the web. For one, I have joined WPPI (Weddings and Portraits Photograhers International) and I’m attending  the convention in Las Vegas in a couple of days. I’m excited and nervous for this event, as I will be traveling alone to the convention without knowing anyone there. I’ve been trying to add myself into get workshops and meetings where I would be in situations to meet people. But as I have read and heard from others in the industry, WPPI is a great opportunity for myself to get connected and network with fellow photographers. So I’m excited to see how much I can absorb at this event. My goal is to meet a lot of other photographer, attend the seminars and hopefully attend a couple of parties too. If I had more money, I would attend workshops presented by photographers on improving your skills but I’ll wait till next year.

An another community I have joined is the Digital Wedding Forum ( It’s a forum for professional wedding photographers that come to discuss everything related to wedding photography. This forum is exclusive to professional photographers and has a monthly fee that is required. The amount of information that is on this forum is astounding. Any questions you might have had regarding any aspect of photography will be answered here. If there is anything that was not answered, you can ask and other members will respond pretty quickly with great answers. I’m still trying to go through the forum and read past archives and learn from what others had asked previously.  They’re actually having a get together at WPPI with some of the members and I’m hoping to get meet some of them in Vegas.

I’ll be in Vegas in a few days and will tell you all about it during my time there.