WPPI – An Experience of a lifetime

Last Sunday, a day after coming back from snowboarding in Mammoth, I flew out to Las Vegas to attend WPPI at the MGM Grand. After checking into my hotel, I headed over to the MGM convention center to check out WPPI.  (Note to myself for future conventions, don’t stay at the opposite end of where the convention is located. It’s just not worth the commute over.)  Finally arriving at the convention, I registered and sat in on the album competition that was wrapping up. It was a very informative and I actually got to hear and see what makes a great album.  For those in the future that are going to attend WPPI, I would highly recommend going to the album competition.

On the previous post, I had wrote that one of my goals at WPPI was to network and meet fellow photographers but it was actually a lot harder than I had expected it to be. Being there alone, knowing no one, I felt lost and lonely. I was able to mingle the first night but it was more of a hi and bye. I did meet a couple of photographers but there was this one guy I just get bumping into, Alex Ho from San Francisco. Check out his website (www.alexhophotography.com).  After meeting him, I met a grip of other photographers from all over the world.  We went party hopping at the MGM hotels and just met one photographer after another. Not only were they all very nice, they were all willing to help me out as I told them I’m just starting out. It felt great to be part of this photography community. That night, I knew this was I truly wanted to do. I would shout out everyone I met that night but there are just too many to list.

Not only did I get to meet a bunch of great photographers, I also was able to attend seminars presented by the top photographers in the world. Jerry Ghionis was eye opening and educational. Jasmine Star’s “Ghetto Fabulous Marketing” was inspiring and motivational. Tamara Lackey opened my eyes up to child photography.  I wish I stayed another day to attend more seminars but that was all the time I had. I can’t wait to go back next year.

  • cindee bae said:

    "Being there alone, knowing no one, I felt lost and lonely" <-- exactly why I was too chicken to attend, lol!! That and my work schedule. :( Wish I would've gone, next year for sure!

  • admin said:

    Hey Cindee, you should definitely go next year. It's an awesome experience and a great time learn. Hope to see you there next year!