Jung & John | Engagement Session | Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA

Jung & John Engagement Session: There was only a one week period to schedule Jung and John’s engagement session as John lives out in Maryland. It happened to be the week of Christmas while John was in Southern California visiting his family. Unfortunately, during this week, Southern California got drenched with a storm that lasted for a couple of days. Luckily, we were able to find a day that worked for us and also was predicted for no rain, guess which day? Christmas!! We couldn’t ask for a better day!

While families were opening up gifts and watching movies, I had the best time working with Jung and John. We started in downtown LA at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, then went over to Kyoto Hotel in downtown to check out the Japanese Garden and then finally headed over to Pasadena.

When I first met John, he told me didn’t really like getting his photo taken. He was more of the type to be behind the camera than the one being photographed. I knew the feeling, as I am the same. So I knew in order to capture great shots, I had to make sure John felt comfortable. At first both Jung and John were a little stiff but by the end of our shoot we couldn’t stop making each other laugh. I remember John telling me by the end of the engagement session, he didn’t think he would have so much fun taking pictures. Knowing that John and Jung had a fun day of taking photos, made my Christmas perfect!

Congratulations John and Jung on your engagement! See You in June.!

  • Hooman said:

    Wow! Fantastic photos, with great lighting and composition. Really like the Disney Concert Hall series - great work, great inspiration!

  • Just saw your blog link on the DWF so I thought I'd swing by and comment. Great job! The first two images rock my world! So clear and perfect color.

  • I really enjoy the lighting on the first shot with the dramatic building lines... and I love the image of the couple running across empty street.

  • annie said:

    this couple look so sweet!