Peggy & Narong Meth | Maternity | Jeffrey Trail | Irvine, Ca

12.20.2011 – I would like to introduce you to two good friends of mine, Peggy & Narong Meth. They are two of the nicest people you will get to meet and both of them can cook up a real good meal. During one of our casual dinner meetings, Peggy and Narong gave us great news in that Peggy was pregnant with a baby girl. Fast forward 5 months and here she is, a couple of weeks away from the birth of the child. When asked if they have found a name for the baby girl, they told me that they were going to keep that a secret until she was born. So here we are on January 5th, a couple of weeks after I shot their Maternity shoot. I just happened to check on Facebook right before posting this post and guess what? They’re baby girl was just born.
Congratulations Peggy and Narong on your beautiful baby! Can’t wait to meet Avery Reese Meth!