LA Shoot This – Balboa Island

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to shoot with a photography group called LA Shoot This at Balboa Island in Newport Beach. It was a great time to interact with other photographers as well as shoot gorgeous models presented by the group.

A very special thank you to the following for making this event happen :: LA Shoot This! 5.16.10 event – Sponsored by Canvas on Demand. Event produced and organized by ::

Canvas on Demand –
FolioMojo –
ProPhotoBlogs –
ShootQ –

*Michelle Cheng –
*Shirley Vazquez –
*Shannon Ely –
*Katie M & team –

Location for the models to get ready:
Salon TM 2 – in Irvine, CA
website –
facebook page –

Clothing Provided by:
Joanna with Blue Violet Boutique in Beverly Hills, CA

Kim with BabyKakes in LA
facebook page –

And of course, Our Models!
David Liggett, JK Delapp, Michael-Georg Schmeidl, Alex Cranmer, Megan Bibbo, Lindsey Cloud, Amanda Goraleski, Rudi Curry, Chelsea Tadros, Mera Zero, Ashley Rush, Shannon Lee, Tashina Hunter

  • Awesome everything!!! Total eye candy from top to bottom :)