Mammoth Mountain

Sorry for the late blog updates. I just got back from a weeklong trip out in Mammoth Mountain. The condo I was staying at didn’t have internet or cell phone reception, thus the lack of updates.  At first it was a little frustrating not having neither internet nor 3G connection on my Iphone but later on it was nice to just get away from the commotion.

What a great week it was! I got to snowboard for 6 straight days in all different types of conditions. I couldn’t ask for it any better, it was like God had bless me this week to have a great week of snowboarding. It started out with spring conditions with hard packed snow, sunny blue skies and icy snow that later turned into okay snow and then into  slushee snow. The trip ended with a storm that brought 1-2 ft of fresh powder followed by cloudy blue skies. Oh I almost forgot, right in between, we had a day of wind gusts high as 120 mph. In a weeks worth span I was able to board on all types of snow conditions: hard packed, soft packed, windy, fresh powder, slushee, icee,   The highlights of the week had to be going off intermediate jumps at June Mtn with my friend Mark and hitting up the terrain at Mammoth with Sharon.  Literally, I woke up, ate breakfast, went snowboarding for the day, eat dinner and then rest the body. Can’t ask for anything more.

Also brought the dogs, Mimi (Chihuaha) and Rookie (Havanese) to their first trip to Mammoth Mtn and to snow.  Mimi was not a fan but Rookie loved the snow. Just like me, he had a time of his life in the snow. Here are some pics from the trip.

  • Jenny said:

    Nice pictures! I LOVE your doggie!!! SOOOOOO adorable! :D

  • I just discovered your work through Drawn! and I'm completely in love with it, it's just wonderful!

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    Thanks for the comment guys!

    @Taylor... Thank you so much!