Dina & Michael | Wedding | Irvine, Ca

On July 24th 2010, I had the privilege to assist Henry Chen (www.henrychenphoto.com) for the wedding of Dina &  Michael in Irvine. It’s alway’s a great experiencing working with Henry, as not only do I get too watch a professional at work but also get critical and important feedback from him during the wedding regarding photography. I am so grateful that he has allowed me to assist and learn from him.

Now onto the wedding. This wedding had all the key parts to make it such a beautiful memorable wedding: Great Locations (Irvine Hyatt and Archangel Michael Church), a live band, a party atmosphere and two of the nicest loving people, Dina and Michael. I captured some detail photos from the wedding. Enjoy.

  • Daniel said:

    Amazing pictures Jaemi!! Those ballroom shots look very nice, I hope to hire you for my wedding!