Joanne & Rob | Wedding | Double Tree Hotel | Santa Barbara, CA


04/09/2011 – This is a delayed post as I have been busy the last couple of weeks with my move to my new home. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but I am now settled in and ready to start working hard again. On April 09, 2011, I had once again the great opportunity to work side by side with Henry Chen ( and shoot the wedding of Joanne and Rob at Double Tree Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA. It was a wedding that was all fun from the time it started to the very end.

It was a beautiful sunny day driving out to Santa Barbara from LA. Once we arrived at the location, I started the day with Rob and his groomsmen getting ready in their hotel room. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun right away and I had a feeling it was going to be a good day. The location for the ceremony was located out in the courtyard and it couldn’t be any more beautiful. It overlooked the beach that was literally right across the street and created one of the most backdrops I have ever seen. After an emotional ceremony, the party was ready to start. The grand entrance featured ┬áthe bridal party getting dressed up in costumes and walking in to a great crowd of family and friends. The rest of the night was full of fun, laughter, and a lot of partying. Congratulations Joanne & Rob!


  • Jerry said:

    Great work. I also saw Henry's site. Who was the primary and who was the second on this wedding? Both of you had great work. I really liked the color temperature in the reception. How did you do it? Did you gel your flash and shoot in tungsten, or use a FongBong or what? Was their off-camera as well? It was really, really nice.

  • admin said:

    Thank You Jerry for your kind words. Henry was the primary and I was the second shooter for this wedding. We did not use any gels or diffusers. We only used a 580 EXII that was bounced from the ceiling and dragged our shutter speed a little bit. There was no off camera flash used.