Peggy and Narong’s Wedding: Chart House, Dana Point

I’ve known Peggy since college when I met her through a class we both shared at UC Irvine.  We were actually in the same discussion group for our class: Social Movements of the 60’s.  After the class ended, I didn’t really keep in touch but got re-acquainted after college through Sharon. Sharon and Peggy had become good friends through work and we often got together to have dinner and hang out. Both Peggy and Narong are the nicest people you will ever meet.  It’s always fun hanging out with both of them.

Peggy and Narong got married on March 20th at the Chart House in Dana Point. I knew she hired a photographer for her wedding so I wasn’t planning on taking any pictures, in respect, not to intrude on the photographer. Interestingly, Peggy gave me a call the week of the wedding and asked for some candid pictures with my dslr. I was more than willing to since I would be able to use my new camera along with the new lenses I just got. Here are couple of shots I took at the wedding.